Transnational Organizing Training

Enacting European Citizenship through Transnational Campaigning

In 2019, the School of Transnational Activism organizes its first transnational organizing training series, offering two workshops connecting and supporting a first cohort of 30 activists and citizens belonging to the campaigning group European May. European May is a European collective of progressive civic organisers, independent of traditional political parties or NGOs with the aim is to build a new model of grassroots strategic power that activists and citizens can use to influence decisions that have an impact on thier lives. In this series, through residency trainings and online webinars, the School of Transnational Activism provides the space and skills for European May to organise a series of transnationally coordinated, nonviolent, and disruptive scenarios to generate a majority of popular support for progressive change ahead of the European Elections 2019, and to build on knowledge on transnational organizing for a new campaign in 2020.

Training goals

Gain a shared understanding of the challenges of politics and the economy in Europe and develop a shared narrative in support of progressive change ahead of and after the European Elections

Build campaigns, organizational structures and attitudes that can support and empower people to use their European political rights and have an influence over the decisions that impact their lives.

Zoom out, get inspiration and energy with motivating content through the sharing of experiences and knowledge about transnational organizing

Warsaw Training

21-24 March 2019

Transnational Mobilising ahead of the European Election 2019

Organized together with our partner Krytyka Polityczna, the first 4-day workshop introduced the European May activists with the knowledge of current contemporary debates on European citizenship and democracy, ahead of the European Election 2019. Together, the participants learnt how shifts in our communities in Europe and the world are the result of shifts in the global economy, and equipped themselves with the skills to design and organize a campaign ahead of the European Elections 2019, including different types of direct actions. The outcome of the workshop was the design of a campaign plan for a week of action ahead of the European Elections, ready for implementation. After the training, European May organized more than 40 direct actions in 15 countries to engage a diverse audience and raise awareness on issues of workers’ rights and democratization of the workplace, free movement and migrants rights, shrinking civic space, remembrance and resurgence of fascism. All actions are available on the events section on European May’s Facebook page and additional photos on Instagram account.

I finally found fulfillment as an activist. This workshop reminded me about the urgency to act all over Europe and made me realize that I am the person that brings that change

Erik Brandes, participant to the Warsaw training


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School of Transnational Activism Warsaw March 2019

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Emma Biermann
Lead facilitator
Tobita Chow
Director, Justice is Global

Tobita has been organizing campaigns for corporate accountability and racial and economic justice in Chicago since 2009. He was a key leader in bringing Moral Mondays to Illinois,  served as Chair of the Board of Directors of The People's Lobby, and has led trainings on the global economy and globalization on 3 continents. He co-founded Justice Is Global. He holds a Master’s in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and a Master’s of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.

Kasia Wojcik
IIPM / European May

Kasia Wojcik works for various independent theatre projects, focusing on the relationship between theatre and politics, for example as a dramaturgical assistant for the International Institute of Political Murder. As a member of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (Diem25) and the European May campaign, her main political interest is the strengthening of feminist and migrant voices in a Europe based on solidarity and equality.

Ana Oppenheim
Campaigner, Another Europe is Possible

Ana grew up in Poland in the 1990s and today is a campaigner in London with Another Europe Is Possible.


Amsterdam Training

9-12 January 2020

From Action to Strategy: Building Transnational Power

Organized with our partner Alternatives Européennes and co-organized with European May, the second 4-day workshop "From Action to Strategy: Building Transnational Power" gave the opportunity to the European May activists to deepen their knowledge of power in a transnational context and learn the tools to develop a strategic, people-centred campaign. The training mixed modules on relational organizing, issue cutting, power analysis, direct action and self-organized structure building. The outcome of the workshop was a full campaign plan to be implemented during the year 2020.

This workshop will take you from the initial steps of understanding your own potential in building grassroots power, to doing to the groundwork necessary for a strategic campaign.

Paul Mone, participant to the Amsterdam training


Sören Brandes
European May
Pamela Twiss
Lead Organizer and Trainer
Martin Pairet
Capacity Building Manager, European Alternatives

Martin is in charge of capacity building at European Alternatives. He is in charge of the development of the transnational network of the organisation and of member communications and organising. Martin has been working in the non-profit sector for more than eight years with experience in membership development, communications and fundraising in international organisations such as IFOAM – Organics International and Oxfam France. He is also engaged as a member of SOS Méditerranée, a civic, European organisation for the rescue of people in distress in the Mediterranean and of MitOst, an international network of cultural actors and active citizens. He has a strong interest on how activists and civil society organisations are articulating and organising themselves to influence European politics both at the grassroots and at the institutional level.



Supporting connections and blended learning of the program

As part of the Transnational Organizing training series, a series of webinars have taken place throughout the year aiming at developing the campaigning and fundraising skills of the participants:

  • Effective Campaigning Webinar (July 21, 2019): the purpose of the webinar is to build a common language and set of tools around effective campaigning to increase the effectiveness of  local and transnational organizing. The participants were introduced into the concepts of power and of the cycle of campaigning and are prompted to reflect how they can use it in their own campaigning.
  • Building Power Through Deep Relationships Webinar (September 23, 2019): the purpose of the webinar is to understand how building deep relationships with a wide variety of people that will be involved or targeted by the campaign, helps build power. Deep conversations uncover the self-interests of people and to gather information about issues tackled by the campaign. The participants learnt how to lead meaningful conversations (1-to-1s) that helps developing a network of relations and build community.
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising Webinar (November 10, 2019): the purpose of the webinar is to learn how to reach out and ask for money in your community, organize innovative formats of fundraising through using storytelling on social media and organizing events. The participants could take part in a team of fundraisers motivating each other to achieve their fundraising goals for their project.

More information about these webinars are available on request. Please contact Martin,

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