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Building the Next Generation of Transnational Organizers & Movements

It is time for a transnational renewal of our political visions, institutions, citizenship, collectivity and actions. The School of Transnational Organizing brings together progressive activists, artists and academics to imagine, demand and enact democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation state here and now. We create transnational online and offline learning spaces where together we take the difficult steps necessary to build communities and movements that are up to the challenges of our time – advancing tools, methods and strategies from transformative organizing, movement building and popular education.

Spaces to Learn How to Unite Across Borders & Struggles

Otherwise, we will not be able to truly understand and address the most pressing political, cultural and social challenges facing Europe and the world: the climate crisis, human rights violations at Europe's borders, socio-economic inequalities, democratic deficits and the rise of right-wing forces leading to an attack on the fundamental rights of all marginalised communities around the world. Our classes and programs bring together activists and organizers who use a multiplicity of strategies from street protests and civil disobedience, to transformative (union) organizing and legal interventions as well as digital campaigning, media hacking and artivism.

1. Activist Classes & Organizing Training

The School offers both offline and online trainings. The trainings and workshops are engaging activists in a learning journey to gather and produce knowledge, develop skills and experiment with methods for building power across borders, and create transnational public narratives in support of social, economic and climate justice.

2. Digital Learning Resources for Transnational Activists

From our classes and programs, we produce digital learning resources for transnational communities, social movements and civil society actors who put shared learning at the heart of their activism.

3. Community Action & Movement Building Research

The School produces practice-oriented research and ideas, books, articles, and manuals that can gain recognition in policy, activist and academic contexts. This is based on community- and action-based research processes involving activists from all over the world.

4. Transformative Organizing Academies & Movement Building Labs

Together with our partners, we organise labs where activists gain the capacities to develop campaigns, movements and actions based on the principles of transformative organising through transformational learning.

5. Transeuropa Grassroots Fellowship Program

Soon we will launch a Grassroots Fellowship Program that will support activists, artists, lawyers and researchers from around the world to build powerful campaigns, actions and movements that fight for global justice.

6. Transnational Campaigns & Actions

We support participants in our classes and programmes to build strong networks that will develop campaigns and actions in the future to advance struggles for solidarity, democracy and climate justice.

You Want to Take Part in Our Programs & Courses for Transnational Organizers & Movement Builders?

The Online Handbook for Transnational Organizers ... in the Making

During the Covid-19 pandemic we gathered our friends and colleagues to produce an educational base for our future transnational actions in post-Covid-19 times. Here we bring together activists, organisers, movement builders, campaigners as well as researchers, artists and theorists to learn from the struggles and campaigns of the past and provide practically grounded knowledge, skills and methods for a strategically educated new generation of transnational organizers and movements.

Check out our "Online Handbook for Transnational Organizers"