Our Mission

For a future beyond the nation-state

Through participatory classes, open spaces and grassroots programs, the School of Transnational Activism creates transformational learning spaces for the next generation of transnational activists. We will mix expert input and theoretical reflection with hands-on experience, peer-to-peer learning and sharing of strategies and concrete examples of powerful transnational initiatives. We will create together a model for the School that will shape its future!

Values & Principles

We believe in transnational politics and translocal actions as well as transdisciplinary collaborations and transsectional struggles. At the heart of the School of Transnational Activism is the conviction that only diverse, inclusive and participatory learning spaces can create the energy which is necessary to empower and organize a new generation of transnational activists ... united in the spirit of feminism, decolonialism, anti-racism, global solidarity, and climate justice.

1. Act Beyond Borders

We work with citizens, social movements, protest groups, labour unions and others who already act beyond borders and foster a new vision of Europe beyond the nation-state.

2. Build Grassroots Communities

We search for in-person relationships that can become grassroots communities of resistance and activism articulating and pushing the boundaries of the failing status quo.

3. Change the System

We long for systemic transformations that restore justice on the level of social, gender and racial relations as well as the global climate. Therefore, we push campaigns and actions which tackle the foundations of the current systemic inequalities.

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