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David Adler

Embedded Internationalism: the Only Way to Fight the Global Oligarchy

Progressives must urgently develop a new vision for international institutions, or they will be reshaped in the image of our opponents.

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David Adler

Meet Europe's Left Nationalists

The rise of leaders like Sahra Wagenknecht and Jean-Luc Mélenchon marks a momentous turn against free movement in Europe—at the expense of  immigrants.

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Niccolò Milanese

A Tale of two Europes

Niccolò Milanese looks at the multiple crises in the European Union with an unimaginative elite against the twin threats of progressive and reactionary civic movements

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Marta Baradić

Austerity, gender inequality and feminism after the crisis

Mapping the consequences of austerity policies on the lives of women, minorities and particularly vulnerable groups.

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Jakub Gawkowski

Orbán, Keep your Hands off our University

A coalition of Budapest students occupies the parliament square to protest the Hungarian government’s attacks on academic freedom.

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Roman Broszkowski

Poland's Changing Climate Activists

Mass movements led by younger activists have changed how Poles talk about Climate Change. Will these new groups succeed in pushing Poland to address the looming environmental disaster?

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Nadia Urbinati, Caterina Di Fazio, Etienne Balibar, Rui Tavares

Charta 2020: a Charter of European Public Goods

To mark Europe Day, 2019 – Charta 2020 is a vision for a democratic and egalitarian European Union, and a demand to recognize 20 European public goods that are essential to the reshaping of any future European political space.

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Jamie Mackay, Paul Ginsborg

From sardines to a new language of politics?

An interview with Paul Ginsborg. The historian of Italy talks about social movements from the Berlusconi-era to the present, the doldrums in which the Italian Left has languished for many years, and the new democratic energies which have emerged in a strange and novel form in the country over the last few weeks. Who are the sardines and how long can they last?

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Niccolò Milanese

The end of sovereignty as we knew it

Reforming the EU through institutional fixes or selling it through better PR will only get you so far. Europe is undergoing profound changes that are not fully understood, from the level of the individual up to its position as a polity. Niccolò Milanese asks what it means when institutions no longer match the society they are meant to represent.

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Lorenzo Marsili

The rise of corporate nations

Multinational corporations are increasingly encroaching on the functions of sovereign states.

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Lucia Bruni, Rossella Vignola, Lorenzo Marsili

Libertà dei media: dall'iniziativa dei cittadini europei alla nuova Commissione

Nel 2013 250.000 cittadini europei hanno aderito ad un'iniziativa civica su pluralismo e libertà dei media, senza però raggiungere l'obiettivo del milione di firme necessarie. Il problema di armonizzare le normative europee sul tema della libertà e del pluralismo dei media resta all'ordine del giorno. Quale la situazione alla vigilia della nuova Commissione europea? Un'intervista a Lorenzo Marsili

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Liza Saris

European Elections: The rise of transnational activism

While the mainstream media and news outlets are continuously reporting about the rise of populism, a focus should also be on the rise of transnational progressive movements.

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European May

May is getting closer, what’s out there to do?

The EU Elections are getting closer, but it's not only about voting.

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Sören Brandes

The Era of which Europe do we want

We win this fight by creating a substantial politics for a democratic, social, anti-racist Europe for all.

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