Join the Interactive Online Course on Countering Hate Speech


Apply to the next Online Course taking place from May 18 to June 19th 2020!

‘Countering Hate Speech’ is an Interactive Open Online Course where participants learn about and discuss current challenges posed by hate speech and narratives in their communities and societies at large. Not only do participants engage in dialogue about the topic and get access to expert video lectures, they also collaboratively work towards creating a campaign to counter hate speech in various forms. This makes ‘Countering Hate Speech’ an action-oriented course where participants are inspired, share knowledge and learn from each other.

In recent years, the normalization of hate speech throughout Europe has contributed to the radicalization of individuals and collectives against the Other, fueling hate crimes towards marginalized groups. From everyday discrimination and stigmatization to direct attacks on women, LGBTQI+, Roma, migrants, and minority faith communities on social media, the hate narrative gradually translated into violence, weakening the social cohesion between communities and further threatening democracy, equality and the rule of law across the continent.

What are the various forms hate speech is taking? What are the causes and consequences of hate speech at the individual and societal level? How is hate speech regulated in Europe? How does hate speech impact human rights and democracy? What can be done to fight against hate?

Participants in this course will get the opportunity to review expert content developed by European Alternatives. In addition, they are encouraged to putting their own experiences, values and perspectives on the forefront while engaging with peers through Virtual Exchange.

Apply to the next online course will be taking place from May 18th to June 19th 2020.