Transnational Assembly of Workers' Solidarity: Towards Ecological Unionism!

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19 November 2022, 15:00-18:00, Theater Bremen

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Imagine that in the near future an ecological event would occur that we find imaginable, but just not yet realistic. Consider one of the many climate catastrophes that have been warned about for years and have now begun to unfold, the Corona pandemic, or something like Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, which only a short time before even few considered possible.

As part of the non-public Syndicat! Summit unfolding within the Between Land and Sea Festival and European Alternatives’ Assemblies of Solidarity, 50 workers, climate justice activists, anti-racist organizers, theorists, and educators from political movements and trade unions from Bremen and all over Europe will converge to ask collectively how we can organize a powerful transnational movement ecology and how we can build a convergence of labor, climate and migration struggles, and ecologize the demands of these struggles for socio-ecological transformation. After all, it is not only climate activists who are concerned about our livelihoods and planetary justice, but also workers in the aviation, tech, delivery, agriculture, logistics and care sector. It is here especially that migrants should have a right to have a say and ownership about the future of our lives on the planet.

The Transnational Assembly of Workers' Solidarity confronts us with the joint mission to imaginatively, discursively, and strategically pre-enact a not improbable future scenario, and to shift the supposedly inevitable course of history into eco-fascism, which grants the right to life to only a few. Towards an ecological syndicalism that fights for the right of the many - workers, migrants, and especially poor and indigenous communities in the Global South - to care for ourselves, our communities, and the planet as we would like to.

Join the transnational Syndicat! summit community, let's confront the questions of the future together, and let's work out how we would change the course of history for the common good.

The Assembly will be held in English language.

About the Syndicat! Summit at Between Land and Sea Festival

A coastline, a border between land and sea, can either frame a piece of land or a sea, depending on the direction of view. Accordingly, it connects Palermo rather with Bremen or with Tunis. Depending on the perspective, port cities are either gateways to the world or bottlenecks. Migration and commodity flows are shaped or disrupted by border regimes, sanctions, pandemics, blocked ports, transverse cargo ships or striking workers. Between Land and Sea Festival is a cultural and political program in and focused on Bremen, Palermo and Tunis.

A look along coastlines and global migration routes and supply chains. Following events in Palermo (2021) and Tunis (2022), Theater Bremen will present performances, dance, an exhibition, videos, documentaries and feature films, as well as workshops and debates in cooperation with local partners from November 14 to 20, 2022. The festival gathers international artists, academics and activists and asks how the struggles for a fair economy, migration and climate justice can be connected.

The non-public Syndicat! summit, inviting migrant and refugee workers, climate justice activists, community organizers and trade unionists from across Europe, provides a space for cross-border exchange, sharing best practice skills and strategizing for transnational alliances. How can the struggles for decent work, the right to asylum and climate justice be connected?

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