Open Call for Nominations for the Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator

Nominate Young Community Leaders from across Europe

Do you know anyone that you would like to see take a larger role in society? Nominate your candidates.

The deadline has been extended: submit nominations before 18th September!

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What is the Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator?

The Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator is European Alternatives’ newest youth education program. It aims to increase the engagement of young people and their communities in constructing European democracy by creating a network of over 60 young people, who will learn how to activate their local communities, articulating their issues and demands, and moving them to take collective action - by doing it.

The Process and Outcomes of the Program

The Accelerator is a 7-month program through which participants will gain skills and knowledge on building communities for political action, on community organizing - and opportunities to put this knowledge in practice. Concretely:

Online Trainings (October-November 2022)

Collective, interactive training sessions; quizzes, access to the resources & library offered by the School for Transnational Organizing

Catching the media’s eye, learning to run storytelling-based listening campaigns, bringing people together behind an issue, using well tried and tested tools to formulate demands…

Offline Bootcamps (November 2022 & March 2023)

Bootcamps in November 2022 in Paris & March 2023 in Berlin to deepen their knowledge, share experiences, build solidarity & engage with experienced trainers

Popular Assemblies of Solidarity (January-February 2023)

Putting into practice things they learnt, participants in each country will organise two popular assemblies of solidarity, to identify the most pressing issues and demands, and to plan a campaign to make their voices heard to decision-makers

Community & Campaign Building (March-April 2023)

Building communities behind issues - including the human relations aspect of network and campaign building: storytelling, trust building, leadership development, conflict resolution, decision-making, overcoming fear & anxiety, spreading hope & courage

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can nominate someone to join the Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator?

Anyone. Individuals, family, friends, or organisations. We will ask you about this person and why you think they would be a great campaigner.

Can I nominate several people?

Yes! We'll be reviewing all nominations based on the same criteria however, so make sure that you add as much detail as possible about each person you are recommending.

Can I nominate myself?

No, but you can ask someone to nominate you. We’ll review all applications based on the same criteria.

Who exactly can join the Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator?

  • Anyone who has shown leadership qualities in their community, by working to solve a common problem and improve the lives of others
  • Must be between 18 and 30 years old
  • Live in one of the following countries*: Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Romania
  • Speak & understand English

Participants should be available to attend project activities (2 week-ends per month + at least 3 hours per week). EA will cover all travel & organising costs for selected participants.

We especially encourage the participation of LGBTQI+ activists, people from minority communities in their country, people from outside the big city centers.

* Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for remarkable individuals based in the EU but outside of these eight countries.

What happens once I nominate someone?

We’ll use the information you shared to make a first selection of candidates.

Those preselected candidates will be invited to share more about themselves and to join a group interview.

Based on all of this data, we’ll inform successful candidates on 3rd October.

How do I nominate someone?

Submit the name & details of someone you want to nominate for this project here.

What are the deadlines throughout the selection process?

  • Launch: 19th August
  • Deadline for nominations: extended to 18th September, midnight CET.
  • Rounds of group interview & evaluation of candidates: Throughout September
  • Notification to successful/unsuccessful applicants: 3rd October

You know a powerful young leader in your community? Nominate him, her, or them!

Get in touch

Find out more about the Youth Movement & Campaign Accelerator, or read this program brochure.

If you have any other questions, wishes, or ideas, Myriam, the program coordinator, will help you.