The Myth of Europe – The transnational journal of European Alternatives

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Transnationalist Theories, Movement Histories, Democratic Utopias
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About the contributors

Niccolò Milanese
Co-Founder & Director, European Alternatives

Niccolò is a philosopher and poet. He is a director of European Alternatives, and co-author of "Citizens of Nowhere: How to save Europe from itself" telling the story of 10 years of activism throughout Europe. He is trustee of ECIT Foundation for European Citizenship in Brussels. Between 2018-20 he was a Marie Curie visiting fellow at PUC-Rio De Janeiro and UNAM Mexico. He is part of the advisory board of the NECE network of civic educators, and has been involved in establishing civil society, cultural and political organisations on each side of the Mediterranean in the aftermath of the 2011 uprisings.

Lorenzo Marsili
Co-Founder & Director, European Alternatives

Lorenzo is the founding director of the transnational civil society organisation European Alternatives and one of the initiators of the pan-European movement DiEM25. He has previously worked in publishing and was founding editor of the cultural quarterly Naked Punch. He is an active commentator and public speaker internationally. Lorenzo is also co-author of the book "Citizens of Nowhere".