The Online Handbook

for Transnational Activists

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If there is no recipe for saving a world in constant change, why not at least a work-in-progress handbook about the transnational struggles for liberation, solidarity and democracy? By, with and for all those fighting for social, economical and environmental justice in a world that goes beyond nation states...

"The Online Handbook for Transnational Activists” is a publication focused on theory and practice of transnational struggles for equality and justice in the past, the present, and the future. The project was funded by the European Cultural Foundation (ECF).

Originally, a book publication was envisaged, but more recent considerations due to the Covid-19 pandemic have led us to consider an online publication. The objective is to create an educational platform based on the contributions planned so far, including articles, interviews, videos, photo stories, infographics, methodological tools, and other resources. This platform should serve you as a guide, toolbox, or library for activists, organizers, civil society actors as well as movement builders, educators, and theorists

"The Online Handbook for Transnational Activists is a work-in-progress that is being further developed in a participatory way. If you yourself have knowledge, skills and methods that you would like to share with activists from around the world, just get in touch with us with your contribution.

We wish you readers and viewers great discoveries and much pleasure in connecting the lines of different interests, struggles and visions.


Niccolò Milanese, Georg Blokus, Ségolène Pruvot, Marta Cillero, Lorenzo Marsili & Martin Pairet
(Editorial Board of European Alternatives)

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